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EyeLevel - Forklift Truck Safety Devices

A simple, “clean sheet” design that is hard wearing, sturdy, corrosion proof, non-mechanical, non-electrical and cost effective.

Working with lift trucks is a hazardous business and accidents happen all too often. Fitting EyeLevel to your lift trucks will not eradicate the whole problem, but it does go a significant way to reducing “human error” in this field. Low cost and fitted in less than an hour - why wait?

EyeLevel or EyeLevel Remote
Which one is right for you?


At present, there are a couple of costly and unreliable automatic leveling devices on the market that can be fitted to lift trucks. However, none have come close to EyeLevel for cost or ease of use. No more does a lift truck operator have to use “experience” to tell if his forks are level and able to safely transport goods.


EyeLevel Remote
Mainly used in warehousing, agriculture and construction industries, telehandlers are notoriously difficult to operate. Working at heights of several metres, it is impossible to tell if the forks are level. Remote EyeLevel works on a similar pivot motion, with aligning pins as the standard EyeLevel, but also uses the relationship with gravity, via a suspended weight, to ensure a correct reading at all times.


Lift it - shift it - keep it level and safe and cut out the doubt with EyeLevel.
Fitted and working for you in less than an hour!

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